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The brandies

The fruit brandies of the F.Meyer Distillery are today renowned all over the world because they are the most rewarded fruit brandies to date at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris. With more than 206 medals to date !

« Grands Classiques »

Subtle and refined notes, Les Grands Classiques make us sing the soul of our orchards. In bottles of 35 or 70 cl. these brandies express a centuries-old art and tradition brought to perfection by F. Meyer. Raspberries, Pear William, Kirsch,...

« Grande Réserve »

The Grande Réserve F. Meyer express the virtuosity of a perfect artisanal distillation and sublimate the aroma of fruits ideally harvested and matured. A delight for connoisseurs. In bottles of 35 or 70 cl. Wild raspberry, Yellow Plum , Purple plum,...

« Variétés Rares »

Bushes and forests hide treasures that F. Meyer has made us rediscover with his white eaux-de-vie «Variétés Rares». A refinement that lovers of precious perfumes love and that has contributed greatly to the reputation of eaux-de-vie F. Meyer. In bottles of 35 or 70 cl. Quince, Sloe, Gentian,...


Creams and Liqueurs

The F. Meyer Creams and Liqueurs in a fruity color enchant you with their sweet and fragrant notes. Liqueurs: to be enjoyed fresh or chambered. Creams: to raise your champagne apéritifs, ice creams or sorbets.

The liqueurs of Distillerie F.Meyer can be enjoyed as an apéritif, but also married to a creamy or champagne they will delight your taste buds. The gingerbread liqueur will be perfect as a Christmas apéritif, on ice creams or other sorbets.

The creams associated with an Alsace white wine will make you a perfect Alsatian kir.

The Alsatian Whiskies

Meyer’s Alsatian Whiskies: a superior blend that is a perfect balance between a grain whisky and a malted barley whisky. A single malt which as its name suggests is a100% malted barley whisky.

With a score of92.5 out of 100 in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible, Meyer’s Whisky is a successful bet today !

One of the few Whisky Pur Malt French that received agold medal at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris 2018 & 2019 !



Since 2014 the distillery F. Meyer has also developed a range of apéritifs :

  • Meyer’s Alsatian pastis is mainly made with anise, star anise, fennel and liquorice.
  • Alsaquina Meyer’s is an apéritif made mainly from Corsican white wine, with a maceration of red quinquina bark, zest of bitter orange and gentian.
  • Meyer's Artisanal Gin is made mainly from juniper berries, lemon balm and coriander.
  • Spritz Artisanal Meyer’s is an alcoholic beverage made mainly from bitter orange and gentian. Compose your cocktail: Meyer’s Spritz, Crémant and sparkling water.