An outstanding know-how

The know-how of a master distiller is a profession for which there is no specific training. This is why this learning, this art of drawing the quintessence of the fruit by a process as complex as distillation requires years of experience.

Experiences often passed on from generation to generation, this is the case of the Meyer distillery.

What is the industrial process ?

  • Receiving fruit

    We receive the fruits that we put in a vat where they are gently crushed. Then we put them in vats for fermentation or maceration, which lasts about 5 weeks. The temperature of the tanks is regulated by an electrically powered cold unit.
  • Distillation

    When the fermentation or maceration is complete, we put the fruits in the stills for distillation, from where the alcohol will flow. Our stills are electronically controlled.
  • Aging

    After distillation we age our spirits for 2 to 4 years in stainless steel vats, and our whiskies for 6 to 7 years in oak barrels. We fill these containers with an electric pump.
  • Refrigeration / Bottling

    Once our products have aged, we put them in a cooling tank (to remove impurities), where we add spring water to lower the alcohol level before bottling. These tanks and our bottling line are electrically powered.

Meyer’s Whisky

There are different qualities of Whiskies Meyer’s :

  • Pur Malt : Elaborated and distilled twice in ironing stills from malted barley. Pur Malt Meyer’s, with delicately peaty and vegetal notes, finds all its finesse in its distillate of the purest tradition. The richness in body and aromas, brings it a unique identity.
  • Superior Blend : Aged exclusively in oak barrels containing sweet wines. The superior blend Meyer’s, draws from its distillate a rare and complex elegance. Its blend of grain whisky and single malt, gives it a fresh and fragrant nose, a round and slightly syrupy body and a color with coppery reflections.


What are the stages of development of Whisky Meyer’s ?

  • 1st stepMalting

    The barley is macerated in pure water. Heat is released which will cause the barley to germinate.
  • 2nd stageDrying

    “Malt” sprouted barley is now to be dried in an oven where the soil is pierced and fed by a peat fire. Then grind the Malt to obtain a flour: the «grist».
  • 3rd stageThe brewing

    Mix the «grist» with warm water, the barley will transform its starch into sugars. This gives the «mash» from which only the liquid part is retained. These three steps above are performed by an Alsatian brewer.
  • 4th stageFermentation

    Cool the liquid and add yeast so that the sugar turns into alcohol. This gives a clear liquid, alcoholic to about 6° a kind of beer, the «wash» We complete the fermentation process in our stirring tanks whit integrated cooling system.
  • 5th stageDistillation

    Artisanal family distillery from father to son whose secrets are jealously guarded against generation to generation. We distil in stills of small capacity 600 L and 1500 L, allowing to concentrate all the aromas that will make the heart of distillation a rare product but 100% Alsatian and that it will be necessary to put in barrel and let it age minimum 3 years.
  • 6th stageAging

    In a cellar at a constant temperature. Casks of various origins as well Cherry, Bourbon, Sauternes, Porto which allows us to carry out an assembly of which the Whisky Meyer’s keeps all the secrets of its power, its aromas, its roundness.
  • 7th stageAssembly

    After many years of aging, we assemble different casks and bring this precious liquid back to 40° with spring water, which allows us to balance alcohol and aromas…