Located in the heart of Val de Villé, in Hohwarth, the Meyer distillery, a family business founded in 1958, is renowned for its brandies, liqueurs and Alsace whisky, and has won the most awards for French distilled products at the Annual Agricultural Fair in Paris with more than 180 medals.

More than thirty varieties of fruit and berries are distilled every year in the most modern computer-assisted stills in Europe. Combining traditional expertise with technology, Meyer has also established a reputation for its Alsace whisky, which it has been producing since 2007.

We invite you to take a tour of our facilities, which includes a video shown in the distillation room itself, and a tasting in our cellars, providing you with an opportunity to sample our fruit brandies, which have won more medals than any other brandies at the annual Agricultural Fair in Paris.

The tour and tasting are available from Monday to Saturday by reservation.

Distillerie MEYER - 18 rue Saint Gilles Hohwarth - 67220 Saint Pierre Bois

Tél : 03 88 85 61 44 - Fax : 03 88 85 63 95